Wood Refinishing in Delray Beach FL, Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors

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Wood Refinishing in Delray Beach FL, Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors

At Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors, we provide a variety of skills required in all aspects of wooden refinishing. With a perfect blend of quality workmanship, high-level knowledge, and affordable prices, we provide you services unmatched by any of our competitors in Delray Beach. We only use high-quality material to ensure the best standard of services. We aim to provide our clients, exclusive residential and commercial refinishing and repair services at low prices and great value.

You can be sure that you invest your money in trusted hands. Being a fully insured company, our work is guaranteed. We guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our services. Due to its omnipresence, wood has become one of the most popular architectural assets. However, due to its nature, scratches, and wear are very common for them. It can be bleached out by ultraviolet and natural light.

It is easily corroded by water, cleaning agents, and most eatables and beverages. Replacing wood is a costly task to be done. So we aim to provide you services like wood refinishing, repairing, touching up, and resurfacing to make your wood look new as ever.

Our Services

Furniture Repair and Touch-Ups: Our services include repairing and finishing restoration work on furniture, paneling, and woodwork in offices, homes, and commercial buildings. Small repairs like nicks, scuffs, stains, and scratches can be done in your homes or offices itself.

While in case of large and thorough repairs, your furniture is picked by us, repaired, and is sent back to you by us in new condition. With our set of skills, we provide repairs like residential repairs, commercial repairs, pet damage repairs, removing white marks or rings from the top of tables, repair scratches and dents, veneer and chair repairs, and commercial furniture maintenance.

Sometimes wood doesn’t require any repairs, but only a touch up is needed to make them new again. Damages like dents, gouges, scratches, chips, watermarks, and dull spots, etc. just need touch-ups. It is the cheapest way to improve the appearance of furniture and other woodwork.

Elevator and Interior Doors: With our expert team, we are capable of refinishing, reconditioning, and touching up all architectural woods in all possible environments. We refinish, resurface, and touch up wood inside elevator cabs, lobby panels, furniture, and doors.

Stripping and Refinishing: Furniture like tables, dining tables, end tables, and conference tables can be refinished to make them look new at a very low price compared to that of new furniture. Deep gouges, heavy wear, and damage caused by water can be repaired to make the furniture look new again. We can create an original factory finish or custom finish as per your choice.

Lobbies and Greeting Areas: We understand the importance of preserving the pleasing look of your house or building. And we are there to present to you the services and processes you need to restore and maintain that aesthetic look.

Furniture Recondition: It is a technique that is used to apply a new finish on wooden materials over an old one. At first, the surface is cleaned to remove dust and any old build-up.

Then we use water-based fillers to fill any deep scratches. After doing the sanding, 2 to 3 coatings of pre-catalyzed lacquer is applied. Thus recondition is done.

Call us now, and our expert will tell you what all services you require according to your damage problem.

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