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Tile Installation West Palm Beach FL, Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors

Love your house? Want some fantastic tiles installation on your floor, walls, or ceiling? Well, you’ve arrived at your destination.  Whether you want a necessary tile update or want to add some drama to your bathroom or kitchen, we’ll help you with that.

There are numerous attributes that you must consider before choosing an expert.  Fortunately, you have a great company ready to help you. We’re the Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors – assisting people to install beautiful and durable tiles.

Tile Installations We offer

As a full-service home contracting company, we try to meet every homeowner’s needs in West Palm Beach. Therefore we provide a range of tile installation services. Please help yourself with the following services: –

Our Installation Process

You must know what’s going in your house. That is the reason we always lay the plan before beginning the process. The simplified processes but effective results always win us more customers and trust. Here are some steps for your reference: –

Surface Preparation: The first and foremost step is to prepare the surface on which we have to apply the tiles. We clean the surface thoroughly and repair or patch any imperfections. This is important for achieving the best results. We always take some time on this step to ensure the best. Otherwise, the tiles may fall off.

Layout prep: Our home contractors then go for layout preparation.  Each room or project has unique dimensions that make a unique layout pretty necessary. This step also involves extra care and attention.

Adhesive Application: Adhesive preparation and application is a quick process. As we never want it to dry before it’s applied. So, this process, like other processes, involves professional experience.

Cutting & Setting: Once we lay our plan, we take dimensions of the tiles required. And, get our tiles delivered at the location. This process involves setting the tiles on the adhesive that is wet.

There are other processes involved in this procedure. Why not see it for yourself? If you live in West Palm Beach, we have exclusive services for you. So, call us now!

Floor Tile

When you have bought a new house or need favorable floor tiles, you must take care before making the final decision. As, you may not notice a difference between floor and wall tiles, but it exists. Floor tiles are way more durable due to extended use.

A floor tile is exposed to more abuse than the ceiling. So, offering resistance to chipping and cracking is a primary characteristic. The strength and durability also depend on the temperature at which it was fired or the ingredients used.

Also, you can use the floor tiles for walls but cannot do the reverse. You can leave everything on us. We carry a range of sizes and colors for our tiles.

Wall Tile

Floor tiles determine the overall look and feel of the room. However, it’s mostly covered with furniture or rags. But that’s not the case with wall tiles. The options are not limited in the case of wall tiles.

You can make use of shiny or glossy tiles for your walls as no one’s going to walk on them. We have a huge range of tiles that’ll change the way your room looks.

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