Cabinet Staining in West Palm Beach FL, Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors

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Cabinet Staining in West Palm Beach FL, Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors

Wooden cabinets are love. When you’re buying a new house or revamping it, adding wooden cabinets is a great idea. But when you require a change, you cannot always replace your cabinet, right? If the material is withering off or you want a new finish, staining is an all-time classic.

You know what? The finishing never goes out of style as far as the stain color matches the trend. And, if you live in West Palm Beach, FL, we have something for you.

We at Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors present the best finishing, refinishing repair, and cabinet staining services in West Palm Beach. So, whatever your need may be, you can contact us and get it done.

To Update the Look

If you’re staining your cabinet for updating the overall look, staining is a great choice. To update the present look, we’ll remove the top coating to bare wood. It’s done when there’s already a layer of varnish or stain present.

Once the staining or coating is removed, the limits are not limited at all. We have numerous designs, finishes that look natural. If you’re a creative person and want something unique. We’ve got decorative stains for you as well.

Available in different colors like green or blue, it can give your kitchen an awesome look cabinet.

Our Step By Step Procedure

At Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors, we try to keep everything simple and effective. Our customer base in West Palm Beach has significantly improved due to this. Please find some useful information regarding cabinet staining.

Sanding: We begin the process by sanding off any material or layer that exists in the cabinet. This process not only removes that coating but also provides a smooth finish to the wood. This is the initial step that prepares the cabinet for staining.

Wood Conditioning: this process involves the application of a wood conditioner over the cabinet’s surface. This allows the fine application of stain over the wood and also acts as a sealant.

Wood Staining: Once the conditioner dries off, we begin with staining. From our varied range of stains, you can choose the one that suits you the best. The staining provides the color and texture that you need, but it’s still incomplete.  

Finishing: After the stain is applied, we go for the finish application. The stain provides only the color, but what about the cabinet’s protection? The finish provides the protection that your wood or cabinet needs.

You’re lucky to be in West Palm Beach, FL!

Yes, you’re lucky as our company offers discounts, free estimates, and quotes to the locals. The locals always prefer us over other because of unmatchable quality and appeal. You’ll get various benefits once you call us to book our services.

At Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors, our experts make sure to maintain the beauty of your cabinet and kitchen. Also, we make use of top quality materials, which increases the life of your cabinet. If you’re living in West Palm Beach, don’t miss the opportunity.

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