Flooring Companies in Delray Beach FL, Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors

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Flooring Companies in Delray Beach FL, Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors

Does the floor have cuts and a dull appearance? Tired of DIYs processes? Self-maintenance is not helping anymore? ‘Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors’ don’t panic when we are here. Fall in love with your own space. Feel your home as a castle. Meet your design goals with our array of services.

Provide perfection to your space at affordable prices. Get the floors that suit your home decor. We are now available in Delray Beach too with more stores. Let your floor tells our success story. Make sure you visit our store to have a closer look at flooring. The services we offer:


It all begins with an appealing selection for installation. Home flooring companies contractors offer you a mess-free installation. Get easy access to our specialists.

High graded products are installed on your floors for a comfortable feel. Experience the most trusted company services. We never let any opening to peek out of the covering. Some of the option that we carry:

• PVC carpet
• Vinyl flooring sheet
• Pile -and non-woven
• artificial grass and turf
• Rubber flooring
• Laminated flooring
• Tile flooring or marble
• Wooden floors


Every second thing requires repairing, thus the floors. In some conditions, you may require a full replacement. But it is not the case every time and to determine whether to repair or replace our professional visits to you. The floor may get shrink over time, not to stress, we will fix-up. Our options are varied with almost every service. Repairing go economical.

If it the time to get a new floor, then let’s get started today. Replace the floor that is not up to the mark. We provide an in-home presentation of services we provide. It makes a big difference when you hire an expert team. If the gaps between the wooden floors have crossed its limit, then replacing is the better option. Let the top grain quality to enter your house. Replace with the strong personality of flooring material.


Refinish your floor for a brand new look. The passage of time makes it dull and unattractive. But with us, drop the idea of ordinary looks. Get an appealing transformation of your floor. Try out the best flooring options. ‘Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors’ is the place where you get a non-stop variety of designs and impressions. Let us show our samples for better clearance. Let your tiles gain the glow back.

What are we for?

We have flooring specialists that will make your dream come true. We are delighted to work with your preferred designs and selective products. From removing the old floor to installing a new one, our team works smartly. We deal with hundreds of projects that expertise our hands. Sooner or later contact us for the best services. Call us anywhere at Delray Beach.

Try the trendy looks with minimal cost and duration of time. Higher quality and latest technology combo are what we deliver. Our working rate is high. We believe in outcomes and customers’ 100% satisfaction.

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