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Knockdown Textures in Wellington FL, Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors

Knockdown has been the ceiling design or style of choice since its first use in the early 1990s. It replaced many other types of ceiling styles of that time including popcorn and orange peel textures. It has become very famous among very many different homeowners from all over the Wellington. Knockdown is not an ordinary ceiling texture as it comes with an irresistible appearance and practicality. Professionals achieve the desired look by simply spraying, troweling, or rolling dry joint compounds onto the walls, ceilings, or anywhere where the desired style is to be applied. It begins off by building stalactite-like features, which are then flattened at the tips with knockdown knives.

Using Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors guarantees you a well mottled and naturalistic texture that adds visual effect as well as dampening out the sounds. Knockdown texture can also be applied to hide any surface imperfections, and we are good at doing just that.

Types of knockdown textures

Our services allow for the installation of three different types of textures, and that is done according to your taste and preferences. Each one of them is applied using specialized tools and equipment. We are very well prepared to provide the following types of knockdown textures:

Splatter – This is the most popular for its classic look that reflects more of Spanish culture. The main feature of this texture is that the spraying is done and the peaks flattened to get a low-profile bump. The bumps cover 40% of the surface while the rest remain flat.

Stomp – This texture is created by spraying drywall mud thinned with water on the walls or ceilings. Unlike splatter that covers only 40% of the surface, stomp covers 60% or more on the surface.

Mud trowel – It is for achieving a flatter and subtle look than in the previous two cases. Drywall mud is applied to the wall or ceiling. A Clean trowel is then used to skim the already mudded surface, thereby leaving a sparse texture that covers around 50% of the surface.

The knockdown texture application process

We follow a detailed outline in the application of this ceiling texture. As we have mentioned, this can be a messy process that will take many ends up messing up your furniture or any other valuables. However, you can save yourself from all these by using our services that are the best in Wellington. Our procedure for a professional knockdown texture is as follows:

  • Surface preparation
  • Smoothing the surface
  • Assemble all the needed tools and equipment
  • Mix the drywall joint compound as appropriate
  • Test the resulting mixture
  • Set optimal spraying speed
  • Splatter the surface
  • Do the knockdown
  • Alternate splatter and knockdown
  • Let dry and done

Knockdown texture ceiling can remain attractive as long as possible provided that you care for it as we would advise. When we are done working on your ceiling, you will appreciate the work as you will not be able to resist the look. Contact us to have this done to you.

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