Commercial Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Delray Beach FL, Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors

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Commercial Popcorn Ceiling Removal in Delray Beach FL, Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors

Due to the popularity of popcorn ceilings before the 1980s, many industries and commercial buildings got their ceilings, popcorn texture. At that time, asbestos was used as texture material for popcorn texture. Asbestos is a dangerous chemical for us as asbestos dust when inhaled can cause severe many lung diseases. So the removal of such chemicals from your ceilings is necessary.

Repairing of popcorn ceiling is a very cumbersome task to do. The damaged part can be removed and repaired, but it shows inconsistencies with the old ceiling. To repair it uniformly, the whole ceiling is needed to be redone.

The surface of the popcorn ceiling is very rough, thus making it difficult to clean. For this reason, it is not used in places with more traffic and dust. Moreover, in this modern world, the popcorn ceiling looks outdated.

Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors is the company that provides you the service of removal of the popcorn ceiling. We extend our services exclusively for the people of Delray Beach.

It is known without saying that the removal of the popcorn ceiling is a very messy and difficult task, especially in large commercial buildings. But with our qualified team of professionals, we make it look like an easy task without creating any clutter.

Just bought a new building or house with a popcorn ceiling? Make sure to get your ceiling tested by us for the presence of asbestos in it.

How is the removal of the popcorn ceiling done?

● First of all, we remove and cover all vents, light fixtures, smoke detectors, fans from the ceiling. Any wires or electricity boards and boxes are covered to protect them from water exposure during removal.

● Then we cover walls with plastic sheets using tape and drop plastic sheets on the floor to avoid any damage to the floor and walls. All the furniture and other stuff are removed from the area.

●We sprinkle hot water mixed with some dishwashing liquid on the ceiling. This will soften and moisten the texture making it easy to remove. In some cases, we first sand the ceiling or scrape the texture to remove the paint on it. And then water is sprayed on it.

●After 15 minutes of soaking, a putty knife along with a popcorn removal pole scraper is used to remove the texture. Then a drywall sanding pole is used to remove residual material, ceilings bits, or a rough coat of drywall under the ceiling.

●Now the required repairs that weren’t visible due to texture are done by us. After that, a spackling compound is applied and left to dry. Then the sanding of the surface is done, followed by painting of it. Thus a better and smooth ceiling finish is done.

Benefits of Commercial Popcorn Ceiling Removal

●Many customers do not like the popcorn ceiling at the time of buying the home. So to increase the value of your home, hire us to remove that popcorn ceiling in your home.

●The process is time-consuming and requires great efforts. But the result is much better in finish than any textured ceiling due to its clean and smooth look.

●With our cost-effective services and smooth ceilings, houses in Palm Beach County will fetch huge prices and will be easy to sell.

●The cost of maintenance of smooth ceilings is much less than of popcorn ceilings. Thus getting popcorn texture removed will help you save money along with providing your place an aesthetic look.

If you’re in Delray Beach, call us anytime to get our quotes and to get estimates.

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