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Laminate Wood, Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors

Economical, durable and stylish, the laminate wood gives   the floor an immense change, feel and look.  Though, laminate flooring is not usually real wood, this gives extreme scratch and impact resistance.  The use of laminate woods for the flooring also makes the floors highly resistant to burns, stains and sunlight making it easy to maintain.

This is one of the key reasons motivating most homeowners to use the laminate wood for their flooring.  The laminate wood flooring is usually made form a combination of non-synthetic and synthetic materials unlike other wood flooring options.  This flooring is usually  made  by pressing this  materials together  under heat and pressure  and then finished  with clear  and extremely  hard coating  made from  resin-coated cellulose.

Laminate wood floors are also versatile flooring products, therefore, this can be installed in any rooms of the house apart from the bathroom. The reason why these laminate woods are not used in the bathroom is that they could easily get damaged due to moisture seepage in the core flooring.

This laminate wood flooring is great for the families that live in high traffic areas.  These floors made from laminate woods do not need any polishing or waxing and thus do not fade with time.  Most of the homeowners have even shifted to the use of the laminate woods for their flooring purposes because it is less costly than the authentic hardwood flooring but gives the same feel and look.

Top reasons to go for laminated wood for flooring

The use of the laminate woods for flooring has improved significantly in standards in the present days and the technological advancements have really boosted it.  Both the quality and durability you get from this laminate wood floors match that of the hardwood flooring.  The laminate wood surfaces even have that beautiful look since the flooring manufacturers provide it with a great finish, colors, and textures.

Here are some of the benefits one could be able to get by choosing the high-quality laminate woods for their flooring;

It is easy when it comes to purchasing the mahogany or rustic finish. Also, when it comes to installing this laminate wood flooring, this is a task that you can consider a DIY unlike in the case of the hardwood floors.  Upon the installation of these floors, they also can be easily maintained and cleaned once you have them installed.

The use of laminate wood for flooring is usually a great option for home renovations or construction of new homes due to their availability in different varieties.  These excellent deals can be found online in different finishes, textures, and colors. Whether you prefer the classic mahogany or the pecan look, your laminate flooring can be designed in a manner to imitate these styles.

A feature like beveled edges, attached pads, waxed edges, piano finish, hand-scraped, commercial durability in offices, and high impact resistance can also be requested.  These laminate wood flooring can be fitted in the places with the groove and lock system. With this laminate wood flooring, there is no need for gluing the edges or nail hammering.  More so, there is also a long-lasting warranty of the laminate wood floors that makes the greater value for your money.

Good laminate planks can always be reused. The fact is that the flooring could be taken out in parts and also be reused as these planks are usually very durable.  More so, these planks are environmentally friendly compared to the other hardwood flooring that leads to tree cutting.  However, to keep these laminate wood floors safer from pets and kids you need polishing, varnishing, and waxing them.

Advantages of laminate wood for flooring

 In the present day, most of the newly built homes are embracing the use of wood flooring. They have really swept away the use of the carpet.  One of the most popular floorings that are really being used is laminate wood flooring due to its benefits.

 Though this laminate wood floors lack the advantages that the carpet could offer like the soft feel when you walk on it barefoot or it lacks that warm feeling, these laminate wood flooring has a number of advantages.

One of the advantages of the use of the laminate wood for flooring is that it makes the cleaning of the flooring much easier and faster.  Even when you have the lighter shade colors, you can have them easily cleaned compared to the carpet. For instance, you forget to take off shoes and step on the carpet with mud, the cleaning could be that hard and you need a professional carpet cleaner something that you can do on your own for the laminate wood floors.

Another advantage is that the laminate wood floors are highly resistant to wear and tear.  When you have them installed, then they can serve you for years without having any scratches. Though you need to make sure that you don’t drop off the sharp objects or were stiletto heels on it regularly.

With the laminate wood flooring, you can also be able to achieve the same effect that the other hardwood flooring options offer. But the difference is that you will spend less amount of money.  Therefore, with the same warmth and elegance that these laminate woods provide, this could be one great way to seek a change for the entire interior designs for commercial applications and households.

The fact is that the laminate woods are highly affordable and can be found easily.  With so many companies offering these laminate woods, you need to make sure that you are comparing their price tags. For companies with unrealistic prices, you need to move to other brands. More so, this laminate wood for flooring is easy to install and environmentally friendly.

Additionally, you need to be that cautious when buying these products because there are so many companies that do not offer the best original quality products.  Many companies are emerging in this field all dedicated to delivering something new.  Therefore, you need to make the right comparisons between the products to find the most suitable.

However, there are some companies that are veterans and one can trust them when it comes to offering the right kind of products.  One such company is Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors.  This is one company you can trust when it comes to quality service delivery and delivery of the right productsThe best thing is that the company offers its products at the most reasonable prices.

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