Hardwood Flooring in Wellington FL, Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors

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Hardwood Flooring in Wellington FL, Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors

You can easily transform your living space by installing hardwood flooring if you don’t have it yet. The beauty and accent that hardwood flooring adds to your home are just irresistible. However, you have to be keen on who you hire to help you with the installation of hardwood flooring.

Wellington is full of service providers claiming to be offering the services that you need. But Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors is where you will be getting all your home fitting and renovation services. We are additionally trusted by the residents in this city for the quality that comes with our services.

Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors is the largest hardwood flooring company in Palm Beach County that specializes in flooring services. Our team has craftsmen with the skills needed to make any flooring style a reality. If you are thinking of pulling out a hardwood flooring, then you can get it all from us. We can handle it from the subfloor preparation to the finish. We are professionally known for the quality of services that we offer, which include flooring installations, repairs, refinishing, etc. We also have experience in working with different types of woods.

Choosing the right hardwood material for flooring

Hardwood flooring offers a wide range of options to choose from beginning with the engineered hardwood flooring to natural hardwood flooring. All of them are used to bring the beauty that you need in your home. At Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors, we will help you in choosing the best hardwood flooring that is best suited for your floors.

The following are some of the available options that we are dealing with:

Solid hardwood flooring – You can use these materials to add timeless elegance to your home. They look attractive and last longer than other types, but only if they are installed by professionals. They come in two different forms: prefinished solid hardwood and unfinished solid hardwood. Each of these is suited for different floor types and interior décor.

Engineered hardwood flooring – The classic beauty that comes with this flooring material is just the best among many homeowners in Wellington. It is customized to be installed in different places where the traditional hardwood does not perform. We can help you in installing any of these types of hardwood flooring.

Laminate flooring – This is the last type of hardwood flooring that we will be talking about here. It is made of about 75% recycled wastes, something that makes it environmentally -friendly as there are no trees cut and it also helps in cleaning the environment. It is used in flooring because of its other properties such as resistance to scratching and waterproof ability. If you are looking for hardwood flooring type that does not attract dust, then this should be your choice.

We have been serving the people of Wellington flooring services that cover all types of hardwood flooring. So, if you need help in either installing, repairing, or refinishing, then just contact us.

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