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Residential Popcorn Ceiling Removal, Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors

Popcorn ceiling is usually the sprayed coating on the ceilings that dries up forming the textured finish.  Residential popcorn ceiling removal usually the practice of removing the ceiling textures to get smooth ceilings.

In the old days, the popcorn ceiling was the talk of the town as it was used as a way of covering the tape mask and the seams in the wallboards and reduction of the reflective noises.  However, though this was of some advantage, it was mainly applied to the thick coating that made it look prone to cracks in the future.

Therefore, when you cannot have these popcorn removals done on your own, it is important letting the professionals handle the task so as to get clean and safe removal processes.  Failure of the proper removal of these ceilings could lead even to more harm and damages leaving your home looking that unappealing.

How to remove residential Popcorn Ceiling Texture

Removing of the residential popcorn ceiling texture could be that less of a chore especially when you have the proper techniques and tools. Having these necessities could also help in saving a decent amount of money in case you plan going the DIY way. Below is a description of the ways in which you can have the popcorn ceiling removed as well as the way in which you can get this ceiling prepared for the smooth finish and new textures.

The first step that you will need is the laying of the plastic sheeting over all the doorways, furniture, and flooring t help in the prevention of the dust spread.  The fact is that this popcorn ceiling removal project is usually messy and dusty.   it does not matter the number of plastic sheeting’s that you will hang on the doorways and on furniture, this dust will travel all over the house. Therefore, your main goal here is to have these dust contained as much as possible.  Therefore, it is highly recommended that you remove belongings and furniture from the working areas to avoid them being dusty.

The next step that you need doing is filling your pump sprayer with spray and water and have it sprayed o the ceilings. You can then let this water penetrate thorough the texture for some time.  However, on the important thing to note is that in the case the ceiling has the gloss or semi-gloss paint, then having it sprayed with water will not work as the water could not penetrate through this textures .  in this case, what you need doing is drying the scrap as much as possible and then float the entire ceiling with the drywall mud compound to help in the smoothing of the texture.

After the popcorn texture absorbs water, you can then use a drywall knife and have the texture scraped letting it fall on the floor of your plastic sheeting.  One thing is that not all these textures will come off however you will need removing a majority of the ceiling.

Thereafter after removing the texture, the next thing g that you will need doing is using the lightweight drywall joint compound and drywall knife spreading a thin skim coating over the areas or spots on the ceiling which need smoothing. You can then let this compound dry up for some time depending on the thickness applied.  Remember that the colder the room is, the longer it could take drying up.

Once the drywall gets fully dry, you can then sand smooth this area where the compound was applied.   You can sand where necessary or add some skim coats so as to obtain the more smooth finish.

After completing your skim coats, you can then leave your ceiling to smooth and then begin painting.  Also, you can choose the ceiling being textured by professionals. At this point, the best thing to do is to let the right experts handle the process.

5 Reasons to Remove Popcorn Ceilings

Among the many home improvement projects that most homeowners undertake, popcorn ceiling removal is usually not usually considered a necessary do it by the homeowners.  However, there are always some reasons that could push for the popcorn ceiling removal in your residential premises. Here are some of the reasons why homeowners consider having their popcorn ceilings removed.

If your home was built in the old years, then the chances are that it could contain this asbestos which could be a major cause of some serious illness like respiratory conditions, mesothelioma, and even cancer.  That is why EPA burned the use of asbestos in the spray applied surfaces. Therefore, when you have an old house and do suspect the presence of asbestos, then you can consider doing the popcorn ceiling removal so as to protect your health.

When you have the popcorn ceilings in your homes, this could really lower the resale value of your homes. The fact is that most of the buyers tend shying off from buying homes that they know well that will need extra efforts and cash doing renovations.  And in case they have an interest in the house, they will use this popcorn ceiling as a bargaining factor negotiating for lower prices.

Popcorn ceilings have eventually gone their way of the other home fads that have been developed.  This kind of ceiling has really fallen out of favor with homeowners opting for the new advanced looks in their homes. Therefore, if you think of modernizing your home and still have the popcorn ceilings then this could undermine your efforts making your home look old. But having a smooth and painted ceiling could take you for years without showing any aging signs for your home.

 The popcorn ceilings usually accumulate with time due to any water damages that could happen.   Unfortunately, most people think that they can just apply paint on this ceiling to give it a fresh coat. this is not an easy task as eve with the right tools achieving the consistent and uniform coat could be that harder.  However, in the case the asbestos is not a concern, then you can hire the services of professionals or have your ceiling painted instead of it being removed.

At one time in life, the popcorn ceilings were the talk of the town. However, since the innovation of more advanced ceilings, most of the people turned into removing the popcorn ceilings in their homes so as to update their home’s appearances.

Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors provides the best popcorn ceiling removal services for both commercial and residential customers.  In the case that you feel your home looks that outdated due to the popcorn ceiling and need having it removed, our professionals are here to offer you the help they can.

We have professionals with the right training and understanding of the role your ceiling plays to the overall appearance of your house.  Having an outdated ceiling will of cos give your house that outdated look.  Therefore, when looking for the best way of adding style to your house, take advantage of this company for the best services.

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