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Wood Flooring, Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors

Wood flooring is very popular.  These wood floors have a warm, beautiful, and formal look that is always ideal for all kinds of rooms.  More so, they are affordable, eco-friendly, and also there exist in many varieties. Additionally, these wood floors are easy to maintain.

When you have this wood flooring, this will always increase your house value and therefore it is a great investment.  these days, wood flooring can be done in more custom and unique designs like stain and exotic wood,  mixed media,  painting, hand –distressing, medallions, and borders.

When selecting this wood flooring, there are some things that you will need to consider.    The traffic in the places they are being installed, the design and style, the kind of wood you need using, and your budget.  More so, you need looking at the kind of maintenance t will need, the color that blends well with the rest of your furniture and walls among others.

You need also to ask the professionals you hire about their warranties and licenses, and how long the installation is going to take.  Of course, you need not working with inexperienced personnel.

The 4 Guarantees of Wood Flooring

There are always expectations after purchasing large purchase items like flooring.  This is usually true, especially with the hardwood floors.  There is no question that new wood floorings will add to the dimension of warmth and beauty of homes/

What most consumers don’t know is that wood flooring has some unique features that make it a perfect choice for almost everyone.  Therefore, below are just some important   facts about wood flooring you need knowing before making   purchases:

Wood floors are usually highly sensitive to moisture which entails changes in the humidity, subfloor moisture, and surface moisture.  The damages that could be brought about by moisture on the woods could result in problems like buckling, cupping, or plank cracking. Therefore, it is important to hire the services of installation experts that are familiar with wood and their reaction to moisture. More so, proper maintenances by the consumers are ideal.

Aging of most of the floor coverings will relate to how the floor will lose its luster with time due to wear and tear.  One of the most unique features of wood flooring is usually its ability to still looking better even with age. The wood floors usually come with lots of natural beauty and character.   Therefore, with proper care and maintenances, then the normal use and traffic should be able to increase the attractive character of your wood flooring.

A real wood floor needs also being refinished for it to be able to restore its original shine and luster.  This is not a thing that can be some on other wood-look products like porcelain, vinyl, and laminate.  These are all the best attributes, but however what we need looking about is the photo-sensitivity of the wood flooring.

Wood will always tend to change color over time with exposure to sunlight.    Even for some woods to change to their full color, this could even take a year.  The other flooring covers could be vulnerable to discoloring and fading when exposed to sunlight for longer times.

Therefore, while sunlight makes the other floorings look older with time, this is not the case with wood floors as it beautifies them. This is one important attribute that consumers need knowing because the freshly laid floors could not look same as that one you saw in the showroom but with time it gets its full color.

Manufacturers put on the wood flooring a number of finishes that make them more resistant to scratch.  The most popular finish that is used these days is the Aluminium Oxide. More so, wood flooring comes with the wear warranty from 5to 5o years. However, these wear warranties are only a guarantee that the wood veneer will not wear out completely.  There are usually no anti-scratch warranties in the wood flooring industry.  The fact is that all woods, no matter the quality of wood, or the type of finish treatment being used, they will be susceptible to surface scratching.

With this in mind, you need to make sure that you are preparing your home for the wood floor before doing the installation. It could be a good idea to use area rugs, floor mats, and furniture protectors to guard your wood floor against scratches.  Also, you can consider tile installation in your entryways, since these are areas that have high traffic.

How to maintain your wood flooring

When it comes to maintaining your residential or commercial flooring, hiring the services of professionals could be the safest thing to do.  However, we understand that most of the domestic household s will consider caring for these woods on their own.  Here are thus some of the methods that are highly recommended when it comes to cleaning wood flooring;

  • Inspect the coating

Floorboards are usually covered in layers of coating that are designed so as to offer the best levels of protection. The common materials that need to be used include lacquer and oils.  With time, this finish will always fade due to the high traffic and incorrect cleaning practices. Thus this could require yearly topping.

  • Sweep or hoover the floor

 When cleaning using the brush or hoover you need to take care to ensure that you are not damaging the wood.  Ensure that you are using the soft extension hoover and not the plastic one.  In the case the hoovers move by wheel method, you can have them cleaned to ensure they are not attracting particles of dirt that could damage the wood.

  • Clear the room

Once in a while, it is important to clean the surfaces completely.    You need to make sure that you do not drag the heavy furniture and objects on the floor. The dragging could lead to the damaging of the coating of the floorboard.

  • Mop the floor

One of the biggest mistakes that could longer the longevity of wood is cleaning using too much water.   No need of soaking the floor with water, all you need is a damp mop.

Wood flooring has become the most commonly used flooring option for those with budget constraints.  However, to ensure that these flooring is done to its best and also properly taken care of, you will need the hiring services of professionals at one point. Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors is the best company when it comes to dealing with wood flooring. Feel free to contact them for the best services ever.

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