Residential Popcorn Ceiling Removal, Lake Worth FL, Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors

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Residential Popcorn Ceiling Removal, Lake Worth FL, Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors

Dealing with popcorn ceilings is dangerous, and don’t let anyone make you think something different about them. Now, why would someone have this type of ceiling when it isn’t healthy nor safe? Well, if your property is from around 40 years ago, it is normal that it has a popcorn ceiling, and this applies to older houses as well.

Popcorn was a very popular option among homeowners a few decades ago, and we have to admit that the texture itself isn’t as bad as some people say. However, it indeed got old and many other options look more elegant and fun when it comes to textures. The most important part about having to remove this ceiling whatsoever isn’t because of its appearance but rather materials.

Most residential popcorn ceiling removal have asbestos on the elements to create it, and if you didn’t know, this component affects your health in a very negative way. Therefore, removing it is the best option—and only one—you have. Just make sure to hire a professional that can do it for you since it is dangerous and risky, even more, if it does have asbestos included on its components. At Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors, we can get rid of that popcorn ceiling in no time and in the safest way.

Why you shouldn’t remove it yourself

The process of removing this ceiling isn’t super difficult or impossible to carry out by yourself. However, it is quite dangerous.

Dealing with popcorn means there is a high probability of it falling apart when you are trying to remove it. Why? Well, to remove this texture, you need to spray water on it and let it absorb just enough water to make the scrape process easier.

The problem is that if it absorbs too much water, it can start falling and damaging your property and leaving the ceiling in very bad shape. Of course, this can happen at any moment, so the possibility of you being in the room when this happens is over 60%. If you want to make sure that nothing of this happens, always go for the safest and right option: contact a professional.

In our company, Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors, we can help you with everything you need without problems, just say the words and we will be there removing it for you.

We will protect your property and you

The best part about hiring us is that we will always keep your best interests in mind. This means that when we will proceed to remove the popcorns, we are going to protect all areas and make sure no one is in danger while carrying out the process.

Popcorn removal can be a bit expensive—for your information—, but you can find good prices with us since we want to make sure that everyone gets the opportunity to get rid of such eyesore. Therefore, don’t ever doubt to contact us to access the best residential popcorn removal services in Lake Worth.

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