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Orange Peel Ceilings, Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors

There exist so many numerous ways in which you can help make your walls and ceilings look that stunning.  You can create tricks and wonders on these crucial parts by adding the right kind of textures. These walls and ceilings are usually some parts of the home but the fact is that they play a very vital role in the improvement of the general home appearances. This addition of the textures on walls and ceiling is an easy task that one could handle on their own.

When it comes to texturing the ceiling, this could come with lots of benefits.  It could help in controlling the home sound levels and even hiding the flaws. Orange peel refers to the texture that usually creates the lightly bumpy and soft surfaces. This technique is very popular these days due to their appealing look and their ease when it comes to application. For you to get the best-desired results, you will need to hire the services of professionals. However, this is a task that you can consider a DIY especially when you have the right equipment.

How to apply orange peel texture to ceilings

When you need to apply the orange peel texture to your ceilings, the first thing that you will need to do is to remove anything that is on the walls if possible. You can then have the floor and anything that remains in the room fully covered.   The fact is that the addition of the ceiling texture could be that messy procedure. Therefore, having a few items in the room makes it easier to move the ladder and cleaning up later.

You need also to remove as many ceiling fixtures as possible.  You can then add painters tape around or have they covered those that could not be removed.  One of the best choices in protecting these items is the use of painters plastic.

You can then wash and have the ceiling repaired where necessary.  You may need to fill the cracks and sanding the ceiling using a sanding pole.

Thereafter, you can then prime the ceiling using a suitable paint for the ceilings. While painting, make sure you are using a brush to paint the corners and the edges and a roller for the more large areas.  When you have the extension handle for his rollers, this could make the process much easier as you will not need a ladder.  By using the lighter tinted primers, you could be able to determine the areas that have missed by applying the orange peel. You can then wait for the primer to dry.

Additionally, you can then mix your drywall compound in the large bucket’s using the drill that has the ribbon attachment and the paddle.  In this case, both the pre-mixed and powdered kinds are usually that suitable.  What you will need is about five powder parts to about 30 parts of water.  For the pre-mixed types, all you will need doing is adding water until it gets to the best consistency.

You can then load your hopper gun with the drywall compounds.  This hopper and gun could be that heavy and thus you need loading them with the amount you feel is comfortable to handle.  There is no harm when you fail to fill the hopper as this less compound in the hopper could make it easier to tip the gun back as you aim at the ceiling.

The nest thing you need doing is attaching the hopper gun on your air compressor. This compressor is usually attached with a hose that is placed at the back of the gun which are usually tightened together using some small nuts. When buying or renting these hoper gun, ensure you consult for more help and instructions.

You can then have the compressor adjusted. The best typical pressure range for the orange peel is usually between 15 and 45with an approximate 3/8 inch opening.  The air is then controlled by the valve at the back of the gun.  The dial will then control the opening at the front.  The ore air pressure is applied the finer the spray though much harder in terms of controlling.

Having the heavier sprays will hide more flaws. Therefore, the larger openings could make the larger texture blobs while the smaller openings will make the finer textures.  Before applying this texture, you can practice spraying against other materials like the cardboard to adjust the texture to suit your tastes and needs.

Finally, you can then have the orange peel applied to the ceilings.   You can keep the gun between 3to 4 feet away from these ceilings.  You may need to use a ladder depending on the height of your ceiling.  Then you need constantly moving the gun. Also, you can choose moving it in random patterns so long as you have the ceilings covered evenly and consistently. It is better to be thin with the texture rather than thick because adding of ore texture is easier than removing it.  Ensure you shale the hopper while working to help in keeping the air flowing.  You can then allow the texture to dry.

One can then have the texture painted with a primer, and then adding a ceiling paint after the primer dries.  You may need to use more than one coat and once the paint dries than you will need to remove all the protective cloths and putting back your belongings and furniture in the room.

How to remove orange peel texture from walls

Orange peel or orange texture is usually a phenomenon that happens in the paints this texture usually looks like the rough consistency of the orange peel.  Usually, this is normally done so as to come up with a texture that could make the wall standing out giving it a little personality.  However, when you get bored with this texture, then you can have it removed from the walls for covering in wallpaper or repainting purposes.

Before you can even start removing the orange peel textures from your ceilings, you will need to move any pictures, home decor, and any furniture from the room.  You can then lay a drop cloth under the ceiling. You need to put on a dust mask and gloves and have the ceiling washed with warm water and TSP using a cleans sponge. By doing this, then you can be able to remove the dirt, grime, and any dust that has accumulated.  You can then rinse with warm water and dry it with cloths that are dry

You can then have the ceiling sanded using 180-grit sandpaper to begin removing the orange texture from the ceiling.   Ensure that you are sanding in a circular motion and you will discover the orange peel will begin disappearing.

You can then use 240-grit sandpaper on the ceiling while the orange texture is removed to get to the ceiling’s bare surface. Ensure that you sand until the surface becomes smooth and even.

You can then apply a coat primer to the wall with a paintbrush. You can then allow these ceilings drying for about three hours before applying the color of your choice. Let it dry completely before putting back any furniture and home decors inside.

Orange peel ceilings are the best additions to the homes as they improve the overall home appearance, enhance sound quality, and even boost your home’s resale value. However, the procedures needed in applying or removing this ceiling peels is that demanding.  Why strain yourself when there are companies like Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors with the right experienced professionals who can handle these tasks. Book with us an appointment for the best services.

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