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Solid Hardwood Flooring, Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors

If you need adding some value to your commercial premises or homes in the most environmentally friendly and cost-effective way, then you can consider the solid hardwood flooring.  Solid hardwood is one of the most renewable, recyclable, and natural ways of making your floors making it a smart choice for any property owner.  The best part is that these hardwood floors need no seldom repairs done, replacements, or maintenances thus saving you a lot of money.

Therefore, these solid hardwood flooring can give your business or homes that quick facelift.  The wooden flooring was considered to be that luxurious in the past, but in the present, there are some better alternatives coming up.  The thing is that these new flooring systems are fashionable, cost-effective, and come with high-quality guarantees.  Therefore, if you need to do any floor upgrades, such flooring options are the best.

This flooring can be installed with many combinations of patterns and designs that are attractive.   To get the best desired results, you can consider using many types of wood or having them combined with more than one type of wood finishes. More so, you can easily customize your hardwood flooring so as to suit your interior decors.

The most popular used solid hardwood flooring is usually the red oak.  This wood is quite dense and has coarse grains and is resistant to any kind of wear.  However, the more durable choice could be the white oak that has similar grains to the red oak with greyish to brownish color.

Overview of Solid Hardwood Flooring Options

The solid hardwood floors have continuously grown in popularity over the centuries due to their natural elegance.  This has become that popular to the extent that even the rivals have started appearing.  Despite this being the case, the solid hardwood floors continue being a popular option. This flooring is usually what its name implies, they are solid in nature.  These solid wood floors are not a matter of the one type-fit it all.   Therefore, you can have them installed in either unfinished or finished form. These solid hardwood flooring mainly comes in three different forms of application that you can choose from.  The plank, the parquet, and strip hardwood floors.

Planks are just similar to the strips, however they are much wider and very sturdy.  This kind of hardwood flooring can handle lots of punishment.  When you walk across the, they feel very firm and do not creak.  However, all the additional weight makes them that harder in terms of installation and thus this makes tam hard to remove in the case you change your mind.

These kinds of floors are all about looking that elegant. They form geometric mosaics out of the small pieces of hardwood planks.  The best thing so that this kind of floors could be custom designed to form nature scenes or logos.  This is much like having the piece of grand artwork done in the more natural wood grain beneath the feet.  These hardwood floors are usually not easy to install, design, and remove and thus you will need to hire the services of professionals.

Benefits of solid hardwood flooring

  • They are easy to repair and clean
  • It is the most appropriate flooring option for the people with allergens and respiratory problems as it  does not trap dust
  • When properly maintained, this type of flooring has a long lifespan as it is more durable compared to the other flooring forms.
  • The solid hardwood flooring comes in a wide range of choices and thus you are not limited. You can be versatile when it comes to the selection of the type, color, and design of these flooring.
  • It offers your home and office spaces  that classic look  thus boosting their value
  • Though expensive to install, this flooring provides very good resale prices.
  • This kind of flooring can be installed in the high traffic areas due to its scratch-resistant capacities.
  • It is the most attractive form of wood flooring commonly used.

Drawbacks of solid hardwood flooring

  • It is not compatible with concrete and yet the other forms of flooring are.
  • It needs frequent refinishing to maintain its shine and glow.
  • It tends to contract and expand with the changes in humidity which result in buckling, crowning, cupping, and many other serious defects.
  • This kind of flooring cannot handle moisture and thus water damages them easily.
  • It is more expensive when you compare it to the other flooring operations like engineered wood flooring, and carpets.
  • They cannot be installed in adverse weather conditions areas.
  • It is not a perfect choice for underground flooring or below-grade flooring.

How to choose a solid hardwood floor

Since solid hardwood flooring is a heavy investment, you need to know what you want before even making the necessary decision.

The first thing you need to consider is the grade.

The solid hardwood flooring comes in character grade and prime.  The prime grade floorings have that even appearances with not more than two knots. These grains are usually almost straight and there are no imperfections allowed.  This will give you a floor that elegant and sleek appearance.

The character grade flooring on the other hand has more than two knots that give it more textured and uneven texture appearances. Most people do prefer this flooring as it gives that rustic, and homely image.  Therefore, before making your choice, think carefully about the kind of feel that you need your home having.

The next thing that you need to think about is whether you need to go for the unfinished, lacquered, or the oiled flooring.

The oiled flooring has that natural finish and brings out patterns of the wood much better making them a great choice for the flooring character .it can also be easily maintained in that in case some areas become, marked,  the area can easily be sand marked and re-oiled. The lacquered floor has a more glossy finish, unlike the buffed floorboards.  It can also be repaired in cases of damages but this will involve sanding down and re-lacquering.  The other option is buying the unfinished flooring and applying to it oil or lacquer of your choice.

One of the most central points of any well-designs interiors of flooring is that they are used within the entire household.  Having plain and drab floors will make the home look unappealing and also, this will not match or complement the overall interior design schemes that homeowners wish to establish.  However, with solid hardwood flooring, this all issue could be solved through its ability to transmit visual aesthetics of traditional elegance and class.

Therefore, are you looking to find out more about this solid hardwood flooring? Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors can aid you with the right information and instructions on solid hardwood flooring installation and refinishing services.

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