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Cabinet Staining in Royal Palm Beach FL, Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors

Just like any other type of furniture in your household or your office, cabinets go through the wear and tear process too. Even if they’re properly maintained, the wood in it is the culprit of why it’s not functioning as good and as effective as before.

Cabinet staining is one of the processes that is overlooked by many people because they think that what it does is only for the color and the shade of the cabinet. When in reality, it actually has something more than that.

If cabinet staining is the service that you need, then we here at Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors are more than happy to help you with it. In the entire city of Royal Palm Beach, only we are able to perform the cleanest, the most organized, and the most comprehensive cabinet staining process for our clients.

We Start Off by Cleaning

Unlike other companies who do a quick wiping of the cabinet, we start our cabinet staining process by duly cleaning the cabinet, ridding it off of all unwanted stains, marks, and even cracks. As much as possible, we would make it look as if it was still new and it’s not weathered.

This initial process would also include:

– The removal of the parts and components such as the screws, drawers, and doors that it has;
– Sanding the wood to get rid of some of the marks that it has accumulated;
– Conditioning the wood for the staining process; and
– Making sure that we perform the cabinet staining process in a clean, open area.

It’s Time For Staining!

Once those are all done, we would then perform the cabinet staining process. The stain that we will use is a compound and a mixture that we have created and it has since been deemed effective by many of our clients. This process would also include staining the exteriors of the parts that we have removed earlier on – this is to make the entire look of the cabinet uniform.

After staining, we would add a final touch of the staining mixture to make sure that it’s coated well and evenly – should there be some areas where there are more stains, then we would remove the excess coating.

We are the Best

So do you now have an idea of why we have been deemed as the best and the most effective company that performs and provides cabinet staining services? We never let our clients down with the results they expect – we even exceed most of our clients’ expectations.

Should you ever need help in terms of cabinet staining, always remember that we here at Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors are always at your service, wherever you might be in the city of Royal Palm Beach. Join us and become one of our clients who got exactly what they wanted and what they needed when they chose us to work on the cabinet staining process they need.

Dial us here at Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors and get the quote for the services you need!

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