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Popcorn Removal in Delray Beach FL, Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors

Are you getting troubled due to the old style of popcorn ceiling at your destination or workplace? Do you want it to be removed due to its extremely bad appearance? So we Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors are now in Delray Beach, FL, to solve your problem effectively.

Reason for Popcorn removal

Popcorn ceiling is one of the types of textured styles of the ceiling, which was well renowned in the old days. But now, after a lot of time, the people in Delray Beach, FL, lost interest on the popcorn ceiling. This ceiling has the ability to absorb sounds and echo. But on the contrary, it also collects dust and cobwebs within itself with the passage of time. Due to this, it seems to more bad in look.

It can be refinished for a good appearance, but that also lasts for some time. It turns yellower by the time passes by. So people usually want to get rid of it.

The need for a professional

This is found easier by the people that they can remove it by themselves. But they are not known to the adverse effects of the popcorn ceiling. It was made and formed by using lead and asbestos material, which can be harmful to Heath.

So you need to use a professional worker for its effective and safe removal. And we are ready with all our skilled workers and efficient machinery to improve the accuracy of the popcorn removal in Delray Beach, FL.

Process and procedures

We practice the removal of popcorn with complete care and satisfaction. We never let any complaint of misconduct come across our agency. We make it possible as the following steps get fulfilled

Shielding walls and the floor

We take the protection of the walls and floor as our priority so that no harmful dust could stick or hide within your room. So we provide these with a shielding through proper plastic sheets.

Removal preparation
This prepares the popcorn ceiling to be ready for removal. We spray some amount of water on the popcorn ceiling so that it becomes easy for its removal.

Use of efficient machinery and working

We use the best effective machinery and tooling in order to conduct the scraping of the material in a fruitful manner. We have the availability of the well-experienced workers for which it is extremely easy to handle the popcorn removal process.

Repair of the imperfections

After the popcorn removal, we see to the proper solution of the imperfections on the ceiling. We repair all these imperfections and bring out a perfectly smooth ceiling to make your home or place more beautiful.

Painting process

We also serve for the painting of the ceiling. We provide a variety of finishing solutions that can give your home or place’s ceiling a better appearance. We are ready with all our knowledge and experience for its application on your home’s service. We have already given various home’s ceiling an authentic look and appearance in Delray Beach, FL. So Do contact us to inquire more about our services and processing.

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