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Smooth Ceiling Finish in Delray Beach FL, Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors

As you know, the choice of ceiling finish that you make will significantly affect the interior’s overall appearance and performance. Any flaw or imperfection in the ceiling will become easily visible with time. So you need to work with professionals that can handle such tasks with perfection. Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors is a company with many glorious years of serving the Delray Beach. We are known for our tidy and clutter-free services. We provide many ceiling services, including popcorn ceiling, knockdown ceiling, orange peel ceiling, and smooth finish ceiling.

To help you understand which ceiling is perfect for you, we make mock-ups for you. You can compare those mock-ups and see how your ceiling will look like after completion. You can pick the one which goes best with your walls, flooring, and other things. For the classical finish, we suggest you choose smooth finishing. Just like many other services, we provide Smooth Ceiling Finish also with much perfection and expertise. It is done just like the walls are finished, i.e., sanding of several coats of mud followed by painting.

How do we do this?

  • First, we cover every inch of the floor with thick canvas tarps. Walls are also covered if you don’t want your walls to get dirty. We remove most of the furniture and other things, and the rest is completely covered. All fixtures to the ceiling are removed or covered with painter’s tape. All of these are done to ensure cleanliness and prevent scruffy floors or things.
  • Then we apply painter’s tape on top of each wall to ensure the perfection of the smooth ceiling finish.
  • Primer is done on the ceiling. After it dries, sanding is done to remove any specks that got into the primer.
  • After that, paint to be done on the ceiling is taken and painted on the ceiling. Two layers of paint are done to provide excellence to it.
  • Then the painter’s tape is removed from the top of the walls, and finishing is done by the skilled hands of our expert painters. After this, it is left to dry.
  • Then it’s time for cleaning. All canvas tarps and tape are removed. Any stains that are left are removed by us. Your furniture and other things are put in their respective places. We fix your fixtures. And all of this is done without any extra charges.

Why smooth your ceilings?

  • The smooth ceiling is an up-gradation to your home and buildings. It increases the value of your home.
  • It makes your room look more spacious and increases the virtual height of rooms and hallways.
  • Places with a smooth ceiling increase the light by reflecting all the light falling on it in every direction of the place.
  • It provides an aesthetic appearance to the room, thus giving a calm and soothing feeling. Offices and workplaces usually have a smooth ceiling as it is less visually distracting.
  • Being smooth, it doesn’t let any dust and allergens accumulate on its surface, thus keeping the atmosphere of the place allergen and dirt free.

So these were the details of our service. If you live in Delray Beach contact us to know more and to get an estimate of your smooth ceiling finish from our experts.

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