Deck Staining in Wellington FL, Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors

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Deck Staining in Wellington FL, Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors

Decks are important parts of our homes that we should give the greatest care possible. Decks play important roles that make them one of the valuable assets that we have in our homes. Think about taking fresh air outside as you interact with nature or basking in the sun during those warm summer days, or just spending a family evening together. You also imagine it as the perfect venue for parties or just where you spend a weekend with friends sharing barbeque. Whatever you use your decks for, it has to be maintained.

Decks also add up for aesthetics, and therefore, its maintenance is paramount if it has to serve for this purpose in the long run. Deck staining is one of the methods that you can rely on to maintain your decks and should come from a professional with many years of experience in doing it.

Most of the decks, if not all, are made of wood. This makes them very vulnerable to damages cost by adverse weather conditions such as winter colds or summer heat. If you are looking for services to use in Wellington for deck staining services, then Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors got you covered.

Our deck staining process

It is normally not a straightforward process. In many cases that we have handled, staining is not the only thing that we do when called upon to offer the service that we offer. So, our process normally comprises the following steps:

Scraping – This process involves the removal of any dirt, gravel, and chipped paint that is sometimes on the surface. It is the very first action that we take on your deck.

Power wash – This is the use of a water jet under high pressure to further clean the surface, thereby making it ready for staining or painting. The surface is left to dry first before going to the next step.

Sanding – This is an optional step that is only needed when there are raised surfaces. It is done to smoothen the surface.

Staining – This is the final step where the paint or stain is actually applied on the deck surface. Professionals at Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors do it according to your preferences.

Importance of deck staining

While some people are ignoring deck staining and terming it unnecessary exercise, it comes with many benefits. First, it is done for aesthetic value. It does this by highlighting the wood grain, and therefore, improving the overall look of the deck.

Another reason for deck staining is the increased lifespan as it will prevent rotting and pest attacks. The painting also closes all the grains and pores through which moisture can get it during winter. If left unstained, then moisture will find their way in, freeze, and cause serious damages. You can prevent all this by using the services that we offer you.

Deck staining services from Palm Beach Home and Remodeling Contractors is the best that you will ever come across in Wellington. Just contact us to have it done.

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